Cades Wheels

Surbiton Tyre and Wheel are official distributors for Cades Wheels and can offer advice on selecting from the comprehensive range that Cades Wheels has to offer. Our experienced professionals will help you choose the correct tyres for your vehicle and ensure they are fitted correctly.
Orange BMW M3 with Vulcan alloy wheels

Vulcan is the latest newcomer to the Cades range. This 20" monster with concave rears looks perfect on M Sport BMW cars, and we now make it in a dedicated fitment for VW Transporter T5/6.

Two BMW vehicles with Cades Hera alloy wheels

Hera is a new mesh wheel to the range, taking design to the next level. Owners love the overlaid double spoke style and aggressive sporting stance.

VW T6 with Cades Athena alloy wheels
Athena is a brand new entry to the Cades Range, and is made specific to the VW Transporter T5 and T6 models. Owners love the twist spoke design and motorsport flavour.
Silver Audi A5 with black Cades Kratos alloy wheels
Kratos is a brand new design in 20" and now 18" making it accessible to even more cars. Owners love the twist spoke, multi-spoke design and colour ranges, and the concave rears available in 20"
Cades Thor alloy wheels on a dark blue BMW
Thor is our six spoke concave wheel with dedicated VW Transporter T5/6 fitments. Now available also in 19" for German marques.
Cades Comana alloy wheels on two Mercedes-Benz cars
Comana is our only dedicated SUV wheel. Owners love the prestige styling and dark matt black finish that perfectly sets off any body colour.