Kumho Tyres

Surbiton Tyre and Wheel are official distributors for Kumho Tyres and can offer advice on selecting from the comprehensive range of summer, all season and winter tyres that Kumho offer. Our experienced professionals will help you choose the correct tyres for your vehicle and ensure they are fitted correctly.

Kumho ECSTA PS91 Tyre

Kumho ECSTA PS91 Tyre

Super-UHP tyre for sports cars

  • Excellent dry handling performance

  • High speed stability

  • Extremely short braking distance on dry roads

  • Precise steering response

  • Developed for ultimate sports cars

Kumho ECSTA PS71 Tyre

Kumho ECSTA PS71 Tyre

Ultra-high performance tyre

  • New HDMS (High Dispersible Micro-Silica) compound

  • Outstanding handling and braking performance on wet and dry roads

  • Precise and stable handling even at high speeds

  • Improved mileage performance

  • For medium, luxury as well as sport cars

Kumho ECSTA KU39 Tyre

Kumho ECSTA KU39 Tyre

  • Improved overall wet performance

  • Shorter braking distance

  • Improved resistance against lateral aquaplaning

  • Outstanding driving stability at high speed

Kumho ECSTA PS31 Tyre

Kumho ECSTA PS31 Tyre

  • Technologically enhanced tread compound for optimal wet grip

  • Driving stability at high speeds

  • Excellent aquaplaning performance

  • Improved cornering stability

Kumho Solus 4s HA3 Tyre

Kumho Solus 4s HA3 Tyre

High performance all season tyre

  • Superb and well-balanced performance in all weather conditions

  • Outstanding handling performance on wet roads

  • Very good traction on snowy roads

  • High mileage capability

  • Strong winter performance

Kumho ECOWING ES31 Tyre

Kumho ECOWING ES31 Tyre

Eco performance tyre

  • Developed to reduce fuel consumption and preserve the environment by using eco-compounds

  • Secure handling & traction performance

  • Improved wet grip technology

  • Improved endurance and mileage