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Combining classic designs with modern trends, the Stuttgart Alloy Wheels range supports the bridge between modest car customisers and prolific modders.

From the classic mesh design of the ST1 to the modern thin spoke ST9, Stuttgart Alloy Wheels complete your cars look. Whether that is a retro bagged Mk1 Volkswagen Golf or a business class luxury BMW sedan, we support the style you want and will keep all wheels turning throughout your project!

Pushing the limits of style and breaking out of conformity are two mantras that drive both the hearts and minds at Stuttgart Alloy Wheels. They always want to be at the forefront of design, giving you the most aggressive, astounding and incredible alloys for your cars.

Stuttgart ST8

The “snake-tongue” split spoke design has been around for a while now, but it’s never looked as good as it does on the Stuttgart ST8 alloy wheel. The mesh wheel’s spokes start by bending out, giving a unique sense of sheer aggressiveness, before curving back in to meet with the outer edge of the rim. This creates a truly stunning look from every angle.

On top of this, the black backdrop makes a striking statement as the Stuttgart ST8 races down the motorway. With the motorsport pedigree that goes into the design and build of the ST8, as well as the step in the rim, means that you can show off a sense of drive, passion and purpose.

Stuttgart ST9

Sometimes you need to add a sense of contemporary style and design to your car, finishing it off with a degree of excellence that you can’t find with a traditional 5-spoke alloy wheel. That’s where the Stuttgart ST9 alloy wheel comes into play. Taking the 5-spoke design and turning it on its head with a slim, V-shape spoke design, it manages to capture the classic style whilst also being incredibly unique at the same time.

The V-shaped spokes run all the way to the edge of the rim, taking inspiration from motorsport and giving off an essence of speed and luxury at the same time. When you combine the slim spokes with the small central flange, the minimalist design feels incredibly modern, yet powerful.

Show Your Style With Stuttgart

Each of our Stuttgart alloy wheels achieves a different sense of style, allowing you to showcase the sheer passion you have for your car. From the rugged and aggressive nature of the ST8, to the retro-inspired style of the ST7, all the way to the adventurous aura of the ST1, there is a perfect wheel for anyone.

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