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Wheels are the common ground between car and asphalt. They must be safe, stable and ready for every kind of route. Oz Racing Alloy Wheels are the perfect fusion of performance, construction quality and design. All OZ Racing Alloy wheels are conceived, hand-built and tested in Italy.

Attention to detail is part of Oz’s Racing DNA and winning mentality. Driving is an emotion, a pleasure that nobody can take away from you. Whether you are going to work, to the gym, to an important meeting or on a daily trip, engine vibrations and noise coming from the street are familiar perceptions and sounds. OZ Racing alloy wheels enhance each one of these moments, they guarantee steadiness at the wheel and they free pure energy as you drive by.

When you turn in a road, whether old or new, our alloy wheels are silent keepers. They surely face the gentleness and the harshness of the road surface, the new or rough concrete. Because every driving moment is unique and the roads to discover over and over again are endless. Are you ready to meet four new and reliable travel companions, ready to travel the streets with you?

OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT Alloy Wheels

Reduce vehicle weight to enhance performance and handling”: this is the logic behind the design of the Alleggerita HLT. Thanks to the advanced technology adapted from racing, Alleggerita HLT rises to the challenge setting a new lightweight record, weighing in at just 6.35 kg for a 17” wheel. All without sacrificing TÜV-certified safety. All Alleggerita HLT wheels are inspected and weighed by a technology manager who signs the document stating the actual weight (2% max tolerance) and inspection date, making the product fully traceable. Alleggerita HLT are not just the lightest wheels, they are also record-setting in terms of available finishes, since they allow application of the Personal Colour program.

Superturismo LM

embodies the racing DNA of OZ wheels to perfection. A technical multi-spoke wheel inspired by the racing wheels used on Audi cars in endurance races. A unique design, featuring the style elements and technical details of the true protagonist of the famous Sarthe circuit.

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