What is TPMS?

Your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System consists of independent sensors within each tyre transmitting air pressure and temperature information to your dashboard every few seconds. A light will appear on your dashboard to alert you if there is a problem.

tyre pressures

Your vehicle’s TPMS constantly monitors your tyre pressures using sensors in all four tyres.  Having a fully maintained Tyre Pressure Monitoring System ensures your tyres are always at their optimum tyre pressure. This ensures the maximum surface area of your tyre tread is in contact with the road. Correct tyre pressure enables optimum road safety and extends the life of your tyres. You will also get improved fuel efficiency. for more info click here Tyre Care

tpms warning light


If your vehicle has TPMS then if must be functioning correctly to pass your MOT? If your notification light is showing on your dashboard then this must be resolved before your inspection.


Whether you want to add TPMS to your vehicle or replace a faulty valve/sensor we can help. Just drop by today for a checkup or call us on 0208 391 1349

TPMS Callibration

We offer a sensor programming and diagnostics service.

TPMS Sensor

OEM and aftermarket sensors, our programmable sensors will calibrate with your car.

Retro Fit TPMS Systems

Retro-Fit sensor kits, ideal for vehicles not fitted as standard from manufacturer.

The TPMS Legislation in Europe

• From November 2012 all new type vehicles in the M1 category (vehicles under 3.5 Tonnes with less than 8 seats) will be required by law to have Tyre Pressure Monitoring System installed. This applies to the road wheels not the spare.
• By November 2014 all new passenger vehicles will have to have TPMS installed by the manufacturer.
• The law is not currently retrospective. If your vehicle was purchased before 2014 you do not need to instal TPMS.
• Many car manufacturers introduced sensors to their vehicles before the 2012 legislation change.