Michelin Pilot Sport 4

– “Dynamic Response” Technology: a hybrid belt of Aramid and Nylon ensures optimum transmission of steering instructions onto the road.
– An ultra-reactive Tread Pattern Design adapts continuously to the road, for optimised footprint on the road.
– A new mix of compounds with specific “functional elastomers” and hydrophobic Silica provides excellent wet grip and braking.
– Wide and deep longitudinal grooves ensure a high level of drainage on wet roads.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

– Premium touch finish providing a velvet effect on the external sidewall. 
– A deep rim protector
-“Bi-Compound Technology”: 2 different elastomers are used in the tread
– Outer side: a novel hybrid elastomer for DRY grip,
– Inner side: a new mix of compounds with specific “functional elastomers” and silica, providing excellent WET grip and braking.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

– Three metres shorter braking distance on wet roads(1)
– Technology coming from 15 consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour victories.
– At very high speed, The Twaron® belt ensures greater stability.
– Its variable tension grips the centre of the tread more tightly than the shoulders. 
Centrifugal force is thus better controlled and forces are distributed more evenly.
– A novel distribution of two different rubber compounds between the outer and inner sides of the tread.
– Outer side: a novel carbon black-reinforced elastomer derived directly from the Le Mans 24 Hour Race.
The result: extreme endurance even under the tightest cornering.
– Inner side: the latest generation of elastomers with exceptional wet grip to mould themselves to the slightest irregularities in the road surface and break the film of water.

Michelin Cross Climate +

– In summer, brakes on dry roads like a summer tyre (1)
– Provides excellent grip on wet roads in every weather condition, in summer and winter (2)
– In winter, is approved for use in snow (3)
– Unique V-shaped and lasting tread pattern maximises the clawing effect on snow. 
– High rigidity of the tread pattern optimises longevity performance.

Michelin Energy Saver +

– The safe, long-lasting & fuel efficient tyre.
– Offers 33.3% more mileage than its competitors.
– Save up to 60 litres of fuel compared to its predecessor thanks to technological advances.
– Optimised profile, bringing less heat build-up in the rubber.
– INNER LAYER, a layer of polymers underneath the tread improves rolling resistance and reduces energy consumption.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

– Asymmetrical tread pattern: external part for dry conditions, internal part for wet roads.
– “Dynamic response” technology: a hybrid belt made of aramid and nylon for an optimised driving precision.
– Groove design mastered to rigidify the tread pattern and provide grip under lateral solicitation.
– Tread pattern stiffness with optimised notches for excellent braking on dry roads.
– New compound mix with specific innovative “functional elastomers” and thin silica for excellent grip and braking on wet roads.